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Posted May 05, 2008 at 7:01:31 PM
Subject: Follow these guidelines when posting on the forums
With participation on the forums on the rise, we've noticed some common mistakes users make when posting questions. As a service to your fellow forum participants, please consider the following guidelines when asking a question. [u][b]Forum Rules[/b][/u] [b]1.[/b] Don't double- or cross-post on the forums. Post your question once in the forum you think will bring your question the exposure it deserves. [b]2.[/b] Use clear language to describe your problem in the subject for the thread. Thread titles like "help me" or "newbie in trouble" give no indication of your problem. [b]3.[/b] Provide as much information as you can when asking for advice or suggestions. Always mention the Linux distribution you're running, as sometimes different distributions have different means to get around a problem. [b]4.[/b] When your question is hardware-related (such as networking or graphics) mention the exact make and model of the offending hardware device. It saves time to include as much information you can in the first post. Also, mention what you've done so far to try to solve the problem. [b]5.[/b] When describing an error message, try to be as specific as possible. Post the exact error message if possible. A thread that says "can't boot into Linux, GRUB gives error" is not very helpful. [b]6.[/b] Don't hijack other threads. If you have a question, post it as a separate thread so that your question gets the necessary eyeballs. [b]7.[/b] Don't be shy about mentioning your newbie status. When viewing your thread, people will give you a detailed and structured response if you ask them to. [b]8.[/b] Be polite and wait patiently for others to reply. Some users look at unanswered topics to help. If you post a "why are there so many views but no replies" message to your own thread, your thread is no longer listed as "unanswered." We promise people don't have a grudge against you, and they certainly won't hold out on you. Be patient -- someone will reply sooner or later. Being rude does not guarantee a speedier response. [b]9.[/b] Spam posts will not be tolerated. If you wish to sell your handbags, wallets, shoes and t-shirts, go away. [u][b]Reporting Threads[/b][/u] Despite this thread, some users might still post threads that violate the forum rules. If you come across such offending threads, please follow these steps: [b]10.[/b] If you come across a thread that violates the forum rules, you can report the offending thread by visiting and posting a new message about it. Mention the complete URL and the reason for reporting it. [b]11.[/b] Do not engage the spammers. You don't need to reply to the spam posts. Any comments you make will be lost when the spam thread is deleted. Report the spam threads and it will be deleted. [b]12.[/b] If you've started a new thread and realize after a while that you posted it in the wrong forum, you can request it to be moved by posting a message here: For example, if you posted a thread in the Linux Distributions forum, but think it belongs to the Applications forum, please write a message at instead of starting a duplicate thread. Following these simple rules will keep the forums clean and ensure a quick response to your questions. Cheers! Forum Moderator

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