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What Shall We Do About Software Patents?

December 11, 2008 (8:30:00 PM) - 5 years ago
One of the central issues facing free software around the world is what can be done about the threat of software patents.

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Will Linux Defenders Save Linux from Microsoft?

December 11, 2008 (8:00:00 PM) - 5 years ago
New legal initiative is designed to ensure quality patents and get rid of bad ones.

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Why DU And DF Display Different Values On Linux And Unix

December 11, 2008 (7:30:00 PM) - 5 years ago
Today we're going to look at a little something that is a fairly hot-running-water issue on most of the Linux and Unix boards lately (actually, probably always has been, but our research staff quit on us ;) This post will be similar in focus to our previous post on the differences between sar and vmstat with regards to free memory/swap reporting.

The home stretch: Skype's third 4.0 beta

December 11, 2008 (7:00:00 PM) - 5 years ago
Those of you following the progress of Skype's beta series for version 4.0 already know that the seminal VoIP caller has been striving to get people interested in--and even aware of--Skype other features by rearranging its program's interface in time for version 4.0.

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White House opposes FCC's free Internet plan

December 11, 2008 (6:30:00 PM) - 5 years ago
The Bush administration opposes a Federal Communications Commission plan for free, nationwide wireless Internet access, according to a report Wednesday by The Wall Street Journal.

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Podcasting and Images in Drupal

December 11, 2008 (6:00:00 PM) - 5 years ago
In this article by Bill Fitzgerald we will learn about Podcasting. Podcasting allows you to share audio files over the Internet. In recent years, as podcasting has increased in prominence and popularity, there has been an almost overwhelming amount of information about how to get started with podcasting: the technical requirements, the hardware, the software, and so on. Sharing images creates a variety of ways for students to get involved in the class. In some classes, such as Photography or other Fine Arts courses, images provide a way for students to showcase their work. In other courses, online image sharing can be used to enhance the curriculum. In this article, we will focus on cutting through the noise, and setting up your site to work as a podcasting and image sharing platform. This article will break down the technical aspects of publishing audio and images, along with ways of integrating podcasting into your class.

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Will Linux Defenders Save Linux from Microsoft?

December 11, 2008 (5:30:00 PM) - 5 years ago
Linux Defenders includes facilities for peer-to-peer patent review, post patent review as well as defensive publications for patents. With Microsoft alleging, or just hinting strongly in some cases, that open source technologies infringe on over 200 Microsoft patents , the new effort might potentially help open source and Linux vendors to defend themselves should the need arise.

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Parallel Machine Learning Toolbox for Linux

December 11, 2008 (5:00:00 PM) - 5 years ago
Many sophisticated machine learning algorithms cannot process large amounts of data on a single node, but Parallel Machine Learning Toolbox (PML) can do so by distributing the computations. This distribution speeds up computations and expedites training by weeks, days, or even hours in an easy, reliable way. PML can run on a wide array of architectures including single-node, small clusters, grids, and BlueGene.

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With HP in, all OEMs now ship desktop Linux

December 11, 2008 (4:30:00 PM) - 5 years ago
Lord knows it took HP long enough, but the PC giant has finally started shipping a pre-configured Linux on a desktop Linux. Hallelujah! Now, all the major PC OEMs are shipping at least one Linux desktop.

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HD Video Playback With A $20 CPU & $30 GPU On Linux

December 11, 2008 (4:00:00 PM) - 5 years ago
A month ago NVIDIA had introduced the Video Decode and Presentation API for Unix (VDPAU) that brought PureVideo-like features to Linux. Our initial benchmarks of this video decoding API within NVIDIA's binary driver were quite favorable as it was able to dramatically cut down on the CPU usage when playing H.264 video files. To see how well NVIDIA's VDPAU really is though, we have carried out some more thorough testing now and our hardware consists of a CPU we purchased for $20 USD and a NVIDIA GeForce graphics card that retails for just $30. Can this very low-end hardware manage to play high definition videos under Linux?

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HP Finally Offers Pre-Installed Desktop Linux

December 11, 2008 (3:30:00 PM) - 5 years ago
For years, HP has been slowly edging towards releasing a pre-installed Linux for general users. Today, December 10th, the company finally announced that it would be releasing Novell's SLED (SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop) 10 SP 2 on its low-priced business class HP Compaq dc5850.

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Turn Your Linux Machine into an Application Server in 10 Minutes

December 11, 2008 (3:00:00 PM) - 5 years ago
Machines like Linutop can make a rather neat mini server which you can use to host virtually any application base on the LAMP stack. The problem is that turning Linutop (or any machine for that matter) into an application server involves setting up the required servers, manually modifying configuration files, and tweaking application settings. Fortunately, the BitNami service provides a more straightforward way to install a number of LAMP-based applications on your machine.

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Distributed computing with Linux and Hadoop

December 11, 2008 (2:30:00 PM) - 5 years ago
Every day people rely on search engines to find specific content in the many terabytes of data that exist on the Internet, but have you ever wondered how this search is actually performed? One approach is Apache's Hadoop, which is a software framework that enables distributed manipulation of vast amounts of data. This article introduces the Hadoop framework and shows you why it's one of the most important Linux-based distributed computing frameworks.

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Using Linux to Create Holiday Cheer

December 11, 2008 (2:00:00 PM) - 5 years ago
That unused laptop in the corner can be revamped for someone in need this holiday season.

Linux distributions ranked for speed, security, performance, support

December 11, 2008 (10:00:00 AM) - 5 years ago
How do Linux distributions compare in performance, support services, security, and speed under different enterprise conditions? Linux users share their perspectives.

Euronext nears debut of Red Hat-based global trading platform

December 11, 2008 (6:00:00 AM) - 5 years ago
NYSE Euronext nears the European debut of its Red Hat Linux-based trading platform, seemingly undeterred by financial crisis and stock market losses around the globe.

Tripwire Tutorial: Linux Host Based Intrusion Detection System

December 11, 2008 (2:00:00 AM) - 5 years ago
Tripwire is a host based Intrusion detection system for Linux. Tripwire monitors Linux system to detect and report any unauthorized changes to the files and directories. Once a baseline is created, tripwire monitors and detects, which file is added, which file is changed, what is changed, who changed it, and when it was changed. If the changes are legitimate, you can update the tripwire database to accept these changes. This step by step instruction guide explains how to install and configure open source version of tripwire.

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A Gentoo User Gives Debian a Go Around

December 10, 2008 (10:00:00 PM) - 5 years ago
A few weeks ago, I installed Debian for the first time on the desktop. Once, a friend and I installed a console-only version on another desktop and we connected remotely to his hosted game server which also ran Debian, so I hoped I should be a bit familiar with it. I have to note however, I have run Gentoo for the past four years, and most of the times it's hard to 'learn' something else. However, I still liked to try and find out for myself if Debian was an easy distribution to use. So, how did I fare?

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Google Squashes the Rumor: Announces Native Client Technology

December 10, 2008 (9:30:00 PM) - 5 years ago
Though the majority of companies have policies pertaining to responding to speculation, sometimes it just gets to a point they have to. For instance, say a rumor makes the rounds (with at least some supporting evidence) that Google has something up its sleeve that might possibly have to do with an operating system. Google can keep mum for a while, but it obviously has to be formally addressed, sooner or later.

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FSFE and on Reporting (and Avoiding) Licensing Issues

December 10, 2008 (9:00:00 PM) - 5 years ago
The FSF Europe's Freedom Task Force and have jointly prepared a few guidelines on how to best report (and avoid) license violations. Some of the advice is common sense (suspected violations are best handled in private, reported only to the involved parties, and organizations such as GPL-Violations and the appropriate branch of the Free Software Foundation), but reminders are always useful, especially in the heat of the moment.

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