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AbiWord Version 2.6.5 Works With Word 2007 and OpenOffice Writer

December 08, 2008 (2:30:00 PM) - 5 years ago
AbiWord has been my favorite open source word processor for a long time, and it's now out in a new version 2.6.5, which adds some excellent features. If you haven't used this application (for Windows or Linux) before, definitely download it, and if you already use it, go for the upgrade. AbiWord has always had excellent support for many file formats, but one of the best things about the new version is that it supports Office Open XML filters, and that means you can open and edit both Microsoft Word 2007 and OpenOffice Writer files with it. Here's more on what's under the hood.

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Wind River reports strong year

December 08, 2008 (2:00:00 PM) - 5 years ago
Wind River released another solid earnings report in the third quarter, reporting a 12 percent increase in revenues to $91.6 million, and a nine percent increase in deferred revenues to $125.8 million year-over-year. Linux revenues totaled $13.3 million, an increase of 71 percent over last year, says the company.

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Android 1.0 ported to Nokia N810

December 08, 2008 (10:00:00 AM) - 5 years ago
Developers at Linux consulting firm NthCode have ported Android 1.0 to Nokia's N810 Internet tablet -- and they explain how they did it in a detailed LinuxDevices whitepaper. The paper details the changes Google made to the Linux kernel, and offers step-by-step porting tips.

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Wedding Florists

December 08, 2008 (6:51:06 AM) - 5 years ago
By: Manickam.S
Wedding Florists in New York City caters to the exceptional ideas of each and every fashion savvy bride. If you have any specific themes for your wedding bouqe then do discuss the same with the florist well in advance.

Android phone pops up down under

December 08, 2008 (6:00:00 AM) - 5 years ago
An Australian firm today announced "the first Aussie phone powered by Android." Kogan Technologies sells two models of the Kogan Agora without a contract, with both Linux/Android phones offering 3G and Bluetooth connectivity, and the pricier "Pro" adding a 2-Mpixel camera, WiFi, and GPS, says Kogan.

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Linux-Based VDI a Reality

December 08, 2008 (2:00:00 AM) - 5 years ago
Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), also known as desktop virtualization or hosted desktop, is typically used to move Windows desktop environments into a datacenter, where they reside on a server and are "pushed" out to end users.

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What Will Become of Sun Microsystems?

December 07, 2008 (10:00:00 PM) - 5 years ago
Whether Sun rises on its own or another OEM comes to its rescue, the future isn't looking so bright for the former Silicon Valley giant.

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IBM, Ubuntu Unveil Microsoft-Free 'PC'

December 07, 2008 (6:00:00 PM) - 5 years ago
The first offering from Big Blue's anti-Microsoft push relies on a virtual desktop and a mix of open and closed source.

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Why Can't Computers Just Work All the Time?

December 07, 2008 (2:00:00 PM) - 5 years ago
The feud between Minix inventor and operating system czar Andrew W. Tanenbaum and Linux Torvalds is legendary in the OS world. Before Linux there was Minix. Torvalds used to be a Minix user who set up his first Linux version in 1991 on Professor Tanenbaum’s operating system. Mr. Tanenbaum has now agreed to write a guest editorial for Linux Magazine. His opinion has not changed over the years: Linux (and Windows) are “unreliable.”

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Linux Comparison: openSUSE

December 07, 2008 (10:00:00 AM) - 5 years ago
Previous to writing this comparison, I have only ever used Ubuntu and Fedora. Considering Ubuntu's popularity and reputation for being easy to use, I was expecting openSUSE to be nowhere near as good. From the moment I was greeted with "Welcome" as the LiveCD booted, I knew I was going to be proven wrong.

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Novell’s Financial Results: SUSE Linux And Three Other Facts

December 07, 2008 (6:00:00 AM) - 5 years ago
Novell Financial ResultsWhen Novell released quarterly financial results today (Dec. 4), The VAR Guy was curious to see how SUSE Linux sales were shaping up. Here are some answers, along with three other key facts culled from the results.

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Ubuntu: Try KDE 4.2 Now!

December 07, 2008 (2:00:00 AM) - 5 years ago
The fourth iteration of the K Desktop Environment saw its first release in January of this year; while it generated a lot of hype in the community, its release disappointed many folks whom were expecting to be able to jump headlong into a brand new, next-generation, fully working desktop environment. The result was something that while buggy and unpolished, still hinted at innovation and greatness that only recently has started to really shine through.

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Novell's Open Enterprise Server Builds A Bridge To Linux

December 06, 2008 (10:00:00 PM) - 5 years ago
To understand the "what" of Novell's Open Enterprise Server (OES) you first have to understand the "why". Novell NetWare turned 25 this year and still has a significant number of users. Its success was largely based on doing a few things well-- file and print sharing. Other capabilities were added over the years, not the least of which was Novell Directory Services (NDS) with the introduction of NetWare 4 in 1993.

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Ubuntu + IBM = Choice corporate Linux desktop?

December 06, 2008 (6:00:00 PM) - 5 years ago
I can set up a Linux desktop from bare metal to working customized desktop in about an hour. I can set up several dozens Linux desktops for an SMB (small to medium sized business) in a day. I can't, however, roll out several hundred or thousands Linux desktops without a lot of help, time and work. Now, thanks to a partnership between Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, and IBM, there's a way to roll out corporate Linux desktops almost as fast as you can plug them into the network.

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How to update the custom compiled kernel to a new release using git

December 06, 2008 (2:00:00 PM) - 5 years ago
In a previous article I addressed how to compile a kernel for Ubuntu Intrepid using git and in a follow up article I explained how to compile a new release if you already compiled your own custom kernel using git. The upgrade article was written if the kernel upgrade was one where the only ABI number changed was the last one. In this article I’ll explain how you can update your previously compiled custom kernel to a newer version, if you used git. This article won’t touch an upgrade of kernel 2.6.27 to 2.6.28.

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Using Dropbox on Any Linux Distro

December 06, 2008 (10:00:00 AM) - 5 years ago
If you usually work on several machines (e.g., a desktop machine at home and a notebook on the move), the Dropbox service can help you to keep your files and documents in sync with minimum fuss. For example, I use Dropbox to keep documents on my Linutop in sync with my Eee PC. That’s all fine and dandy, but if you visit the project’s download page, you’ll discover that the packaged version of Dropbox is available only for a handful of distros. You can compile Dropbox on your system using the provided source code package, but there is an easier way to make the software work with your particular distro. First, head to Dropbox’s forums, grab the latest build (0.6.427 at the writing moment), and unpack it into your home directory. The result should be a hidden .dropbox-dist directory. Now launch the terminal and run the following command:

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Debian Takes AGPL Software into Main

December 06, 2008 (6:00:00 AM) - 5 years ago
The FTP team at the Debian project have decided that the Affero GPL version 3 licensing (AGPLv3) is consistent enough with the guidelines of the Linux distro that software with the licensing can go into Debian's main archive.

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Bash prompt basics

December 06, 2008 (2:00:00 AM) - 5 years ago
When managing a linux/unix operating system with command line, users and interacting with the system via shell. This article will explore some of the basic features of the bash shell prompt.

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Microsoft kicks off the year of the audit

December 05, 2008 (10:00:00 PM) - 5 years ago offers a sobering reminder as to one potential downside to proprietary licensing: when vendors get desperate for revenue, auditing for "piracy" can help them clean up.

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Times are tough, but tech companies don't need to suffer

December 05, 2008 (9:30:00 PM) - 5 years ago
Back when I was a public company auditor (yes, you read that correctly), I quickly realized after discussing business with top-level executives that few were prepared to meet the challenges that (at that time) seemed unlikely to affect us again. They believed that the economy would continue its rapid expansion, consumer spending would rise by staggering amounts each year, and we would all profit greatly.

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