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i.MX31 module runs Linux

December 09, 2008 (8:00:00 AM) - 5 years ago
Eurotech announced a 2.8 x 1.8 inch computer module with a 532MHz i.MX31 SoC (system on chip), plus a carrier board to go with it. The Turbo G5 runs Linux, with 128MB of RAM, 32MB of flash, plus OpenGL-ES and Direct3D-Mobile graphics acceleration, says the company.

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Who's Breaking Moore's Law?

December 09, 2008 (6:00:00 AM) - 5 years ago
The computer industry needs to stop padding products with ever longer lists of features and "improvements," and start focusing on raw performance.

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LiMo to gain FOMA pack

December 09, 2008 (4:00:00 AM) - 5 years ago
Access has started developing an operator service pack for NTT DoCoMo's 3G "FOMA" network. Compliant with LiMo (Linux Mobile Foundation) APIs, the pack will support DoCoMo services such as i-Mode, and will help Linux phone makers provide "immediate" support for DoCoMo on their devices, Access said.

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Multi-Core a Drag on Some HPCs

December 09, 2008 (2:00:00 AM) - 5 years ago
Turns out throwing more cores at certain high performance computing tasks can make the situation worse.

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Quad-core PICMG board runs Linux

December 09, 2008 (12:00:00 AM) - 5 years ago
Axiomtek is readying a full-size PICMG 1.3 SBC (single-board computer) boasting an Intel Core 2 Quad processor. Targeting control and automation, visual inspection, digital surveillance, and network security applications, the Linux-ready SHB102 supports 16GB of DDR3, and has two gigabit Ethernet and a dozen USB ports.

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Perl 6 to break compatibility, support other interpreters

December 08, 2008 (10:00:00 PM) - 5 years ago
Version 6 of the popular Perl programming language will not be compatible with previous versions, but will open up a new world of custom “languages” and interpreters, according to its founder Larry Wall.

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Is Windows 7 Too Much Like Mac OS X?

December 08, 2008 (9:30:00 PM) - 5 years ago
Is Windows 7 leaning too much towards the Mac side of life? Many Microsoft bloggers are saying that it does, that Windows 7 is too much "form over function", something they accuse Apple of. While superficially they may have a point, the differences between Windows and Mac OS X are still glaringly obvious. Are a few changes to the taskbar enough to make Windows OS X-like? Bloggers like Mary-Jo Foley, Paul Thurrot, and others seem to think so.

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What’s New In Python 3.0

December 08, 2008 (9:00:00 PM) - 5 years ago
This article explains the new features in Python 3.0, compared to 2.6. Python 3.0, also known as “Python 3000” or “Py3K”, is the first ever intentionally backwards incompatible Python release. There are more changes than in a typical release, and more that are important for all Python users. Nevertheless, after digesting the changes, you’ll find that Python really hasn’t changed all that much – by and large, we’re mostly fixing well-known annoyances and warts, and removing a lot of old cruft.

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Linux Hater’s Redux... dead? Long live... Oiaohm?!

December 08, 2008 (8:30:00 PM) - 5 years ago
First the Linux Hater’s blog ended, and now there’s a claim that the Linux Hater’s Redux has gone to the great kernel panic in the sky. Now a mysteriously named person called “Oiaohm” is trying to re-incarnate some of the hate in a new “battle ground” but his sights aren’t set on Linux alone.

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OpenSolaris tackles Ubuntu dominance

December 08, 2008 (8:00:00 PM) - 5 years ago
Sun has crafted the second release of OpenSolaris with a number of improvements in an attempt to make it more competitive with desktop-orientated Linux distributions such as Canonical's Ubuntu.

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Stage Two of Open Source Evolution

December 08, 2008 (7:30:00 PM) - 5 years ago
We have always said that Open Source could likely follow the evolution pattern of the PC's introduction during the mainframe era. PC's slowly "oozed" into the workplace. Lots of mistakes were made in the early stages of PC evolution, mostly by firms who tried to do it on their own and were being too careless or too creative. The landscape was littered with bad implementations, dangerous security, and more bad practices than good. Plenty of vendors were born out of necessity - making their living bouncing from client to client like ancient story-tellers moving village-to-village sharing the sacred secrets.

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7 Best Free/Open-source Image Viewers for Linux

December 08, 2008 (7:00:00 PM) - 5 years ago
An image viewer (also known as image browser) is a desktop application that can quickly display or handle stored graphical images in different graphics file formats. It can render images according to properties of the display such as display resolution, color depth, and color profile. Other image viewers have advanced features like editing and web publishing.

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Login / Register 5 Regal Microcontrollers meet His Majesty Linux

December 08, 2008 (6:30:00 PM) - 5 years ago
Vectored multiplier co-processor, 32 KB on-chip SRAM, 16 KB instruction and 16 KB data caches, MMU, DMA controller. Peripherals include a 16-bit stereo audio DAC, 2048x2048 pixel TFT/STN LCD controllers, and 480 Mbps USB 2.0 with on chip transceivers (PHY). Serial interfaces include RS232, USART, I2S, AC97, TWI/I2C, SPI, PS/2 and several synchronous serial modules (SSC) supporting most serial communication protocols.

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A Better Office .docx Converter

December 08, 2008 (6:00:00 PM) - 5 years ago
There's plenty of ways to convert Microsoft Office 2007 file formats (.docx, .xlsx, .pptx) to Now 3.0 imports these Office OpenXML files natively, but natively doesn't mean a fluent translation. You can wait for OpenOffice 3 to mature, but there's another way for the impatient.

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Creating the Student Blog in Drupal using Cloning

December 08, 2008 (5:30:00 PM) - 5 years ago
Blogging in Drupal encompasses a range of learning activities. When incorporated into a course as a regular part of the coursework, blogs provide an incredibly powerful means of tracking student growth. For students who are disorganized (that is, students whose backpacks resemble tumbleweed), the blog can also be an organizational tool. Most importantly, though, blogs create a record of student work that can be accessed at any time. As such, blogs provide a convenient window into both process (how students work) and product (the end results of student work). In this article we will see how to create a Student blog by cloning the already existing Teacher blog.

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TIP: Automating Website Backups

December 08, 2008 (5:00:00 PM) - 5 years ago
Your online abode is so difficult to keep secured. It can get hacked, you may install something wrong, a wrong configuration can wreak havoc, the server hard disk might crash, natural calamities, and what not. Your best option to secure yourself against all this is summarized in just one word “BACKUP”.

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Vyatta expanding Linux networking appliances

December 08, 2008 (4:30:00 PM) - 5 years ago
Startup Linux networking vendor Vyatta is set to announce a new hardware appliance on December 9th. The new device will add more power to Vyatta's lineup of networking products that they are targeting competitively against Cisco and other proprietary vendors.

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Forensic investigation using free Linux tools

December 08, 2008 (4:00:00 PM) - 5 years ago
Here is a scenario you can think about. An administrator of a company has been accused of hoarding illegal material of questionable moral content on his company network system. You have been called upon to examine the suspect server and unearth evidence related to the said illegal material. Your boss has told you that you are not allowed to shutdown the server. Unfortunately no additional money is available to buy forensic tools or equipment. In this workshop we will explain, how to use free forensic tools to investigate such cases.

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Why Boxee Might (One Day) Make Me a MythTV Ex-Pat

December 08, 2008 (3:30:00 PM) - 5 years ago
I like MythTV for several reasons. It's not a project for the faint of heart, but it's less the fault of the software than the wild array of hardware that can be conceivably used in nearly every imaginable configuration. It is quite stable, and doesn't require hefty system specs. I didn't think overly about Boxee when I first heard of it. MythTV worked for me.

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6 Diamonds in the Rough for Evaluating Open Source Apps

December 08, 2008 (3:00:00 PM) - 5 years ago
In addition to the information we provide on open source projects, there are many good sites that allow you to further investigate open source projects before you make the decision to download and install. Sure, you're likely to know SourceForge and Eclipse, but where else can you look? Here are six good choices.

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