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Well . . weael . . . whe heh hal?

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on January 30, 2009 02:40 AM
Wheel it! I wonder with industries concerned about intelectual property, maybe the patent and or copywrite mite have an ongoing project to creat a data base. As a safe guard a person could send in a precheck befor post . . . (comment, image) and a price, contact or warning for use would show up. If the property is available at all, owners could claim a variety of compensation from up fround flat rates, %, per use fee or no use. This would be a precurser to using something were one would think free speach or fair use could be defined. In a quest to simplify recoarse and provide reasonable and conciencious aproch to communicating. When a language becomes to incombered a complaint box could be made available. Republicans don't have a lot to say out of an efficiency bourne of principles distiled from the ethos it just works that way and most offen good enough. Like a hardware driver that gets reused for a variety of applications or users! Kind of like the supper bowl, unlike democrats as an analogy trying to make one team win and telling every body that playing the game is unneccesary, one can enjoy the journey as the game unfolds and the winner demonstrates ecceptional or neccesary compliance to principles that succeed, wiht out those principles neccesarily having to be articulated or administerd.


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