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Reports of France making p2p with upload and download equality availible could be an opportunity.

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on January 27, 2009 09:59 PM
Like ham bands and puplic alotment by the FCC, the puplic offten dosen't know or care to exploit opportunity. A money trail offen provides and incentive to develop products and services. Making equal available up/down bandwidth available is a major step towards opportunity, but what kind of opportunity. I think many features could be explored and sifted as they may not all work out that well. When ellectricity was invented or power generation all kinds of machines were suposed to take over the world as it was at the time only for the most part to be lost to antiquity while yet unknown uses of switches and mechanism ultamatly became ubiquitus. I think a filter farm and co-ops could become and effective layer for p2p as a person may wish to host only cirtain items. They could create there own filter or chose from clubs of common interest. These filters should " AND and XOR " so a specific filter could be used to either accept or block content. The filters should allow combining so they can be overlapted to create costom selectivity. They should have a discard and a do not pass but save for refrence so filter tuning can occure. Co-ops could be book clubs or hobby or profestional interst groups that maintain content or indexes of specified content like Ham radio weather reports or solar conditions. A group could be used to passivly monitor radio frequency distress calls to store and forward. And perhaps the greatest opportunity would be to create grade level forums with various (encrypted for safty) channels for content that allow one dirrectional down load of instruction materials and class or teatcher or tutor access for a variety of subjects. Likewise a reading club could help unearth copywrite expired content writen language, music, and translations. Also filters for education could be monitored or subject to a school board or police or leagal review. Other content or a filter of problamatic or malwar could be available. Public service facilities for transportation or events managment. And lastly but not exhaustivley a co-op could allow commercial sponsorship or addvertisement tags. By distributing add revenue an insentive to provide service and efficient hardware would be incuraged and could be offered to genneral periodical publishers as an inexpensive distribution channel.


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