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. . . they said he was to young . .

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on January 21, 2009 12:20 AM
Shiny happy people. As the U.S. transfers power to what could be regarded by other forms of government, a pleab. President Obama presents an ellegant expression, transendent at times, depicting the simple digne that identifies America as a country born of principled knowledge. Let me give his speach its due with some space.(a collumn inch or two - sometime these chat boxes remove all the extra spaces)

Ok, It was a classy speach but lets not forget that in mechanics, manufacturing, distribution, sales and many other systems including public discourse that words and action define integrity and that a "slip" value usually attends to a measure of effecency. And, when words and actions become to negetivly correlated that a vulgar slag of sheister can be applied. "lets hope not" Mr. Obamas speach was a rebuke of the democrat party as it contrasted the mountain of shifting coruption associated with the democrats and their vial repute of the economy since they won a majority in 06. As Obamas campain and 20 days of sennat experience was fraught with scandle as he stood at the top of the finacial crisis being only second in campain contributions. The republicans are in good shape yet are looking at a lot of uphill to keep America from the clutches of over extended government. The U.S. still is in need of energy and the real jobs created by its production and not just the 3-7 percent available as wind and whatever mistical majic reponsible for close to $5.00/gal. petrole. With government jobs averaging 2x the wages earned in the private sector I smell some equal rights and an emergent privilaged government subsidized class being promoted by enslaving a private sector for there gov. largess and to tip the vote in their favor as failed policy has created a reported 40% of the public that dosn't pay taxes (unbelievable). - Essential Linux Device Drivers lays bare the workings of the linux opperating system an would be a valued addition to a course in industrial techknowledgy, computer science or ellectrical engineering. - I would like to convey my hopefull expectation of Obama's success his youth and mental vigor should be an asset and lets hope his inexperience creats a reliance upon logic and reason rather than traditions of party practice.


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