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Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on January 16, 2009 06:44 PM
. . some wood pecker trying to fly over the rainbow ends up in your airplains engine and you end up in the hudsen river! Inspired by a popular TV program possibly reffrencing the oft associated Dante' regards to entropy, as a practical html project an invetory controll program could print menus for resturants based upon available inventory and creating a perchasing inventory based upon sales. These features could be used with the food industry to creat orders for dilivery services. With resonable methods to insure freshness and safty such as a seal that is chemicaly reactive to temp and exposure or rfid to determin age and a storage profile. Day old food could go to soup kitchens or used if qualified for institutionalised consumpsion in schools or prisons or the zoo to help reduce the cost of opperation sold at some commodity price. Also to reduce direct labor cirtain resturaunts participating in the program could contract durring slow or after hours to creat prepared meals. An example would be chinees take out or pizza for work crews


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