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Re: The annoyances of proprietary Firefox extensions

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on January 12, 2009 12:51 PM
Firefox is not free? Are you freaking crazy? 99.9% of all people on the earth when they say free, they mean "without immediate monetary compensation", and certainly you don't have to pay for firefox. The open-source purist crowd mean "Freedom", which supposedly means the right to inspect and modify (or even redistribute) the source code, which firefox also grants you. So because it doesn't use exactly your license of choice, it's not free? Get real man. It's popular because it's better, and that's good enough for 90% of people. It's more popular because it's cost free, and that's good enough for 99% of people. The open-source and re-distributable part satisfies most of the last 1% of computer geek types, so just give up and recognize the fact that lgpl is free. LEGALLY speaking, it has fewer restrictions GPL, and so it technically more free.

Anyway the author is silly. The same extensions could be open source or closed source, if they are annoying people will hate them.


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