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"Ich bin ein berliner"

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on January 10, 2009 08:14 PM
"I have made a goal that with in the next 10 years a trillion dollars of defecit spending will occure every year of my term as President of the United States" - J.F.K no you don't understand democrats arn't refering to the J.F.K. the president, we just say it with a smile on our face and everyone thinks thats what were talking about, it means what ever you think it means. If we did this stuff in the 60's we'ed be put in jail for all of the bestreasons. It's just fiddeling kooky to think we're talking about the president, or anything other than jumping off a cliff (metephoricaly) and taking as many others with us. Other than advancing the spieceous adjurnment of proven principals that define Americas greatness, we have embrace, some say by inhearently oppossing the opposition, everything evil and are embarked upon the epic historical strugle joined by democrats, and this is the best part, republicans in name only trying to get a foot hold. Its classic! - If a musical production can be assembled using jack. How much different is that from making tracks emial content with an id header and playing them back on request as a base station comunication platform.


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