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Rover - red Rover ?

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on January 07, 2009 12:14 AM
Oh no! Dr. will a cathater be needed? - I think the G1 is a step in the right direction and open software may have needed a powerhouse like google to make it work commercialy I think the next step if not availed by usb wireless is to make portable lap tops phone compatable. The value of a G1 type device is as a portable interface to your home pc and a generalized bussiness application that works as a manager, map, worker and assignment contact manager, job and proccess reporting, budget and bookeeping apps. If I designed a mini lap top or umpc I would make it half the size of a magazine since this has probably evolved a comfortable field of view, like placing the title on a tile page slitly above center. It would be a touch tablet with optional keyboard that slid out from under the tablet and typed while flat on a serface, the keys would be the size of the left hand of an accordian so the whole key board needn't be more than two inches. It would accept wirrless key board mouse and be able to broad cast or connect to a larger screen and run apps from a thumb drive. - hold the pistol or pull the parachut . . this looks like a clasic put down the ducky conundrum as applied to domocrat empty retoric.


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