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Re(2): Two words, names rather.

Posted by: Teilo on December 31, 2008 04:33 PM
Look - every one of your responses is besides the point. And by the way, way to go on the stereotypical response, "But there's a fix in the beta version!!!".

Go back to the post I'm responding to: Portage is about the worst solution to package management woes that Nix addresses, that you could possibly imagine. You fail to get what real business deal with, evidently.

"You can leave your system in a pretty stable state. I have Gentoo boxes which haven't had anything other than Portage upgrades and security fixes applied to them in *YEARS*."

Liar. If it were years, you would be dealing with the nightmare of Portage and security updates requiring new versions of key system components, requiring a rebuild of many other apps. Yeah. Deny it. Go ahead, fanboy. Gentoo rox0rz. If it duzn't work for U U R st00pidz.


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