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Nix fixes dependency hell on all Linux distributions

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on December 26, 2008 10:32 PM
It is impossible to write a short article that does NIX justice - allows short articles only. I agree people really interested in the concepts ought to dig into the white paper(s) on NIX. In particular the functional language approach for expressions is of great interest and simplifies managing complex packages greatly. NIX is more than a simple answer to dependency hell and includes a full-blown distribution named NIXOS.

The article was written from a single use case perspective: it gives a great answer to a real problem for both developers and system administrators alike with regard to dependencies. In response to some comments above: I have been (and still am) an ardent Debian user. However, NIX saves the day when it comes to complex dependencies. I think packagers should consider a Nix-like approach to make systems more predictable and provide true roll-back on upgrades. The technology is here. Debian does not do proper roll-backs, nor Slackware nor any other main stream packager.

And for those who can't wait - Nix works in all environments, including the BSD flavours. Even better: the learning curve isn't steep at all. We hope people will find this article useful when they hit mentioned infamous conflicts. You can consider yourself lucky if you are unconcerned.

Pjotr Prins


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