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A former MCSE's viewpoint on Slackware

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on December 26, 2008 05:07 PM
Yup, I was an MCSE. Yup, anything that looked like UNIX scared the heck out of me. Yep, I've tried a lot of distros over the years.

Yep, my favorite is Slackware.

I heard over and over about how hard Slackware supposedly was. Being an MCSE, I figured, "what the hell?" and tried Slackware 8.1 on a laptop. The installer kinda reminded me of DOSSHELL (remember way back then?). But it really wasn't that hard to install or to use. Reason, the default desktop was KDE 3 (GNOME was still an option then), and all I had to do was type "startx". It was just like typing "win" at the DOS prompt to get Windows 3.1 going. I tweaked my ".bash_profile" file to do that automatically after login, just like I used to do with AUTOEXEC.BAT.

Configuring Slackware turned out not to be that hard, either. Maybe because I'd worked with the Windows ".ini" files and basic AUTOEXEC.BAT stuff before. But it still wasn't that hard at all. The hardest part was figuring out that "ever so easy" editor, VI. I did a little Googling and found out about Nano and started using that (I've since learned VI). Then things went smoothly.

The key to this is that I did what the Slackware Web site says you should do. I read the documentation. It's well written, and it's very helpful.

Now, would I put Aunt Tillie on Slackware? Probably not, unless it's an enterprise office. Reason, there's no easy "apt-get" or "yum" way to update your whole system. For my parents, I'd recommend something like Kubuntu. But I would recommend Slackware to a Microsoft sysadmin. It's easy as heck to tweak and it's even fun to do so! Yep, I use other distros, too, and I'm an RHCE. But my favorite is Slackware. much for my MCSE...ah well, dead weight anyway. :-)



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