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Re: This problem was solved with DOS

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on December 25, 2008 07:44 PM
Sure it was. But comparing DOS with a multiuser and multitasking OS as Unix, Linux og Vista is like comparing apples and oranges. Remember I was running Desqview in DOS with a bulletin board system in the late 80's. The right thing to do is to ask yourself why OS today stores files like it does.

Linux is not complicated when you understand the basic logic in the system. It's only a matter of knowledge. And you can also like in DOS backup and restore files by copy in Linux too. So it's easy to create a backup of the system with only the basic tools from the OS itself. Try that in Vista or XP and you soon get the issue with locked files and then need some special backup tool.

I think the LSB standard should formulate a need package manager which in turn could ble implemented both in apt and yum with a common standard fileformat for packages. Then after a while the distros will be starting looking more and more alike in the basic system. Nix for me is a like a draft. Apt works good enough in Ubuntu.


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