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Re(1): Two words, names rather.

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on December 24, 2008 07:10 PM
"How many times have you run revdep-rebuild?"

Frequently. I've lost count.

"How many times, in the process, has this failed and left your system broken?"


"Do the words "package >=XYZ is blocking package ABC-123-r13" mean anything to you? "

Not any more. There are ~x86 versions of Portage which handle this automatically. There are other Portage Tree package managers that do the same.

"Ever wanted to install an ebuild that needed a new version of Portage, that needed a new version of Bash..."

No. Never. How the hell did you get in that situation? Did you start an install last week on a 1.4 LiveCD?

"In Gentoo, the entire bloody OS is a moving target all the time."

That's *kinda* the whole point of the distro. However, you can leave your system in a pretty stable state. I have Gentoo boxes which haven't had anything other than Portage upgrades and security fixes applied to them in *YEARS*. If you don't do an 'emerge world', then you're not forced to upgrade *anything*.


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