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Revised Slackware keeps it simple

Posted by: alvlin on December 24, 2008 11:25 AM
Great article, but of course it seems like the only ones commenting are already Slackware users :-D
Just wanted to comment that Linux 2.4 is not supported since 12.0, it was not dropped for this release as the text seems to infer.

There are just a few quirks in Slackware that I don't like very much, all of them related to the setup process. First of all: it is NOT nice that if you don't start with the ADDSWAP or TARGET section, you always get to some point in which you can't continue. the process is very simple, but it sucks having to follow it twice because you forgot which section you should start. And I have a really bad memory, I never remember the right first step (even when I have installed it like 10-15 times already :-D)
Second: If you go thru the cd/dvd drive detection, first time it will work. Second time it won't work, you need to start the setup program again
Third: a really nasty thing I have found when I installed 12.2, is that if you choose the full install (recommended) it will install the huge-smp kernel. This is not bad by itself, but the problem is that if you later want to change to the generic kernel, you'll find yourself in a problem: the MKINITRD program was NOT run by the setup process, so the generic kernel will not boot and you will have to create a new initrd image.

Anyway, a great distro and much less error-prone than Ubuntu, SuSE or PCLinux (which I have tried also).

Long life to Slackware!


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