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Nix fixes dependency hell on all Linux distributions

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on December 23, 2008 12:29 AM
From what I understand, this seems to be an ideal, distro-agnostic, package manager. Isn't this what we have been looking for? A way to consolidate all efforts into packaging across distros? (I may be misunderstanding nix concept, but I don't think I am.) I guess the question remains: why nix?

Why can't you just install apt on a fedora, or install yum on ubuntu? They all install into the base system, and therefore, mix and merge in a very ugly way. I guess you could set up apt or yum to install in its own directory to mimic nix. I don't know how that would work, but bet it is harder than simply that.

Obviously, this isn't the solution to all problems. Nothing is. But it is not hard to imagine that you could have a base install of any distro with its own package manager For example, use apt with ubuntu, and upgrade base apps and entire system with apt. However, for the majority of optional packages, you can install via nix, and upgrade the packages accordingly. This way, you could share package building across all distros, yet still have various distros with their own unique package managers and bundled apps. This could also be possibly cross platform with BSD, Opensolaris depending upon the package. Some packages can recompile cleanly across the unixes, but I don't know which ones. Sure I'm making it easier than it probably is, but this seems like a really positive thing.


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