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No, Unix does NOT have anything like "DLL hell"

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on December 22, 2008 09:55 PM
"In the Windows world a similar problem is known as the DLL hell, but dependency hell is just as much a problem in the Unix world, if not a bigger one,"

No, it is not.

In Linux (and most if not all Unixes) packages can specify to the installers whether they want just the latest version of a library. or a specific version, or anything later than a specified version. Different versions can coexist, and links are used so that to get the latest version, you don't have to know its version number.

In Windows on the other hand (at least up to NT; I haven't used Windows since then) the DLL specification is broken. If a DLL has already been loaded into memory, that's the version that will get used. So if you try to run 2 apps concurrently that want different versions of the same DLL, one of them is guaranteed to break. That's DLL hell. What happens depends on the order in which apps are started.

This problem simply does not arise in Linux or Unix.


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