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No false positives? BS

Posted by: Teilo on December 17, 2008 10:50 PM
I'm sorry, but Barracuda is not one of my most favorite RBL's right now. Somehow our gateway ended up on their BRBL. Our SMTP server, however, was not. Nevertheless, any emails sent from behind our Gateway, using our perfectly clean SMTP server, were blocked by Barracuda.

I checked every major RBL and we were not on there. I even checked for spurious SMTP traffic coming from behind our Gatway. Nothing. I checked the few Windows machines here for possible spyware or viruses (we only have a few because we are a Mac shop). Nothing. I asked Barracuda how we got on their list. I received no response. I have found others online who have the same complaint. Barracuda will tell you that you are suspicious. They will tell you that their is automated, and not based upon reports. They will not tell you what the criteria was that got you added. If you are there, you have no way to know how you got there. If Barracuda decides not to remove you, you are SOL. You can't email any of your customers who use Barracuda.

I was lucky in that they took my IP off, and did not put it back on (so far). Others, not so much. Barracuda response, "Sorry, but your a spammer, and we aren't going to tell you why we think so."

It gets worse. On their IP Removal Request page, they state:
Barracuda Reputation System honors domains registered at If you want to avoid email with your domain and IP being inadvertently blocked, you can register your domain at
Hmm. Looks interesting. I go there.

This is what I see:
This list is the Registered Email Sender List (RESL.) The RESL data is provided as a free RBL for all to use. There is a small administrative charge of $20 to put your domain on the list and have it verified. This list is used by many people to bypass their spam filters.
Huh!!!? You mean, if I pay you $20 (a year), you will remove my IP and not put it back on? But you won't tell me how it got on there in the first place? This is nothing short of extortion.

Sooo. Who the heck is Checked their About us, and Contact. Nothing. Checked WhoIs. Privacy masked. WTF??

Ok, let's try this another way:
Got the IP. Now:
OrgName: Barracuda Networks, Inc.
Address: 3175 S. Winchester Blvd
City: Campbell
StateProv: CA
PostalCode: 95008
Country: US
Something does not smell right here, folks!
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