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Tracking build status with Pulse

Posted by: Jason Sankey on December 16, 2008 08:30 PM
Hi Ben,

One of the Pulse developers here :). Thanks for the detailed write-up, I see you tried out quite a few things with Pulse. One question: can you elaborate on the problem you had with the 2.x database? Did you choose the embedded database option or an external database? If the latter, Pulse expects the database to already exist (in general the Pulse database user would may have permission to create a database), although this is something we could change in the future if users prefer otherwise.

Re: no direct support for autotools builds, as you found anything can be done with a custom project, although it does mean getting more into the details. I take your point about full examples in the documentaion, perhaps with your permission we could add an example to our Cookbook based on your experience? In future we intend to support multi-step builds without using a custom project, which would apply well to your autotools scenario. Also, in 2.0 the test post-processors are pluggable, so adding support for DejaGnu (and any other testing tool) is possible.

Re: the forced update on personal builds, there are some technical reasons why this is useful, but I agree that this should not be forced. In the next release stream (2.1) we are looking into making this optional.

To the anonymous Hudson fan: sure, some people are happy with Hudson, and that's fine. In our opinion, for many projects the time saved using Pulse, both in terms of usability and features, will easily repay the license cost. For small teams Pulse is free (2 users/2 projects), and commercial licenses start at 1500USD, with no cap on the number of projects or users. I would just encourage people to try both and decide for themselves, there will always be different reasons to prefer one tool over another, license cost is far from the only factor.


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