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Re: Debian is becoming conspicuously silly

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on December 16, 2008 05:32 PM
The version of OTS that shipped with Debian Etch (0.4.2+cvs.2004.02.20-1.1) still had the man page. I don't see in the changelog anything about removing the man page, so I think it's just an unintentional packaging bug that has nothing to do with Debian's criteria for free documentation.

In general, Debian has the best documentation I've seen in any distro. If some application or command lacks a man page, the Debian package maintainers usually write the missing man pages themselves. If Debian removes some documentation from its main package repository, they provide this documentation as a separate package in their non-free repository. Debian developers care for software freedom -- this is the reason why Debian exists and it's what makes Debian special. If you don't care about software freedom, then Debian is clearly not the ideal distro for you.

But, I repeat, the lack of the man page in the OTS package that Lenny ships looks to me like an unintentional packaging bug. I'm pretty sure that if someone reported this bug, it would be soon fixed.


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