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Programming GNOME applications with Vala - the point

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on December 10, 2008 10:33 PM
Vala directly uses the native gobject model of GNOME, making it come alive, can directly use other libraries, and requires no extra runtime overhead wrapper libraries. Simply put, while one can potentially write GNOME apps in C# (mono), or Java, each of these require BOTH mapping of the object model and wrappers for native methods and for accessing all the various GNOME and other libraries. And of course, both require extension vm runtime support as well.

As for C++, you need libgtkmm, libglademm, and libgnomemm, to wrap and support the object model in C++ classes, and other libraries.

Dynamic languages like python, perl, etc? Runtime performance issues depending on what your trying to do as well as again the need for bindings.

If one is writing purely GNOME applications, and especially small applications, or other things that expect to use gtk, potentially vala will clearly be far better than any of the above choices. What is lacks is a gcc front-end so that rather than emitting c code and using an external compiler, it can directly produce binaries that have dwarf meta information so it can be reasonably debugged directly back to the original vala source files.


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