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Re: Serving SERVICES through the Internet is NOT software distribution

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on December 10, 2008 10:30 PM
SaaS is probably distributing data rather than software, but anyway...

Society benefits from Copyleft as it creates a level playing field, it introduces competition to the copyright area (that is a government granted monopoly), these SaaS, Cloud (whatever buzword) people want to avoid competing by hiding their modifications.

I can understand how people see the AGPL as less free than the GPL. Its just like the GPL is less free than the BSD. But in my eyes at least the AGPL does a better job at preserving the benefets gained from copyleft.

I suspect the vast majority of people who dont like the AGPL do so because they want to be able to have a commercial advantage over their peers, still get all their software as free beer, and not have to share anything, they are not the sort of people that copyleft licenses are aimed at, so its no loss to the copyleft community to lose these people/corporate driods.


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