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PC/OS: Insert CD, use desktop

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on December 09, 2008 10:15 PM
Every distro is based off of one another if you stop to think about it. Look at Fedora and SUSE's history, they were both based off of and forked from Slackware at one point. In fact, almost all of the distro's I can think of were either based off of either Debian or Slackware if they weren't source based such as Gentoo and SourceMage, so it's not shocking to see this trend continue. Look at how many *buntu alternatives there are out there already, we have Edubuntu, Kubuntu, Geubuntu, Mythbuntu, Ubuntu Ultimate, Ubuntu Studio and gOS just to name a few. Nobody is pointing out the oversight of any of those Ubuntu-based distro's where the only difference is the desktop environment/window manager yet it seems to me that all of those distro's seemed to have earned their merits or fallbacks on their own, not because of their parent distribution.

PC/OS is what it is and if it is based off of Ubuntu, it doesn't matter to me because from my experiences using PC/OS, it is a more rounded solution than Ubuntu is off of a burned disk. Like I said before as well, whatever works and is Linux is only a good thing for everyone worldwide.


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