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PC/OS: Insert CD, use desktop

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on December 07, 2008 07:11 PM
All of this bickering is ridiculous.
Every time I go online and attempt to satisfy my curiosity about Linux., I encounter a bunch of snobby geeks who take very opportunity to
flame any noob who doesn't "know" his Linux.
This is why Linux still has both feet firmly planted in geekland in spite of the efforts of more than a few to make it accessible and easy to use for the average home user.
I know it's safer and more robust than windows.
I know that there are probably millions of servers out there operating on Linux.
I know it's free, and therefore less expensive than Mac OS X, but my time is money.
I can also see that Linux still isn't ready for prime time.
Because every time I install a distro on my old pc, I run into a task that should be "point and click", but still requires working in BASH.
For example, getting a 1440x900 screen resolution.
Point and click on my 4-year-old G5 iMac.
Pain in the ass in most linux distros.
Please don't give me the " learn something about computers you idiot" line either.
I know more about computers than the average American, and the whole point of having a GUI is that you shouldn't have to know anything about computers in order to use them.
My mother doesn't want to recompile anything.
Neither does my Musician/Graphic Artist Brother, and neither of them want to know about BASH.
Perhaps my gripes should be directed more to the people behind KDE, Gnome, and whatever other desktops but I think the greatest obstacle
to widespread acceptance of Linux on the home desktop is the elitist attitudes that newbies encounter when seeking support, or even when attempting to share a pleasant Linux experience by publishing an article such as the one above.
Those of you who "know" your stuff should be welcoming this guy into your fold, and perhaps offering some constructive advice rather than flaming him.
I wouldn't be surprised if you guys have turned this kid away from Linux already.
I've seen it happen before.
Right now, I wouldn't be surprised right now if Preston St. Pierre was ripping a backup dvd in Mac the Ripper(open source) while listening to music in iTunes and simultaneously web surfing on his brand new Macbook Pro, while thinking to himself "It was a lot of money but you get what you pay for".


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