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Re: PC/OS: Insert CD, use desktop

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on December 06, 2008 02:30 AM
Hey bud, before you admit you are an uninformed a-hole why don't you visit PC/OS's website and do some research of your own! Here is a couple of lines I cut and now will paste here for your information that I found on their FAQ's

1) What is PC/OS
A) PC/OS is a Linux distribution based on Ubuntu by Canonical. PC/OS differs from Ubuntu in many ways and has come to stand on its own.

"2) How does PC/OS differ from Ubuntu and in what ways is it the same?
A) PC/OS shares much with Ubuntu, it shares the same base system as Ubuntu and shares application compatibility with Ubuntu. It differs from Ubuntu in the way its user focused. Linux in a lot of ways has the reputation of being not very user friendly and leaving out a lot in terms of compatibility with what the user has come to expect from their computing experience. PC/OS aims to change that. All multimedia codecs from Flash, MP3 and WMV support is built in and works out of box including the LiveDVD/CD, Java works out of the box, in short PC/OS meets the demands that users have come to expect from their computing experience."

As you can clearly read they are saying that PC/OS is based upon Ubuntu.

What a freaking idiot!!! do some research before you act like such and a hole


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