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PC/OS: Insert CD, use desktop

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on December 05, 2008 02:21 PM
This sounds like the distro I've been looking for! New Linux users don't care about licensing. They care whether their data "just works." They don't want to be bothered loading MP3 codecs, divx codecs, flash, or any programs to view XLS or DOC files.

As a seasoned Linux user (I started in 1994), I like that best of breed programs are being installed instead of something close that I've never used. I must admit, I'd prefer OO instead of Abi and Gnumeric, but that's it. Any Firefox extensions preinstalled?

The "Live CD" will be used by my extended family as a failsafe OS when their Windows PC breaks beyond booting (which happens more than we like in multiple households). We were using Puppy. It's also a safe way to surf, since a reboot cleans everything up - including any nasty viruses.

Thanks for the article ... downloading ISO now... Stocking stuffers all around.


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