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Bidirectional filesystem syncing - DirSync Pro vs. Unison

Posted by: Fletch on December 03, 2008 09:44 AM
Excellent article. I use Unison for my person system as well and it has helped keep files in order now for some time. I like the profiles because I can sync everything from my workstation to my file server, and based on remote location, if I need my work files, I can create a work profile to check volumes in from that location to my server, and if its something more casual, I can use Unison to sync my game files and such. It works well. The only other thing that I would mention about Unison is that it really is version dependant; usually all Unison programs have to be the exact same version (Gentoo addresses this with slots). Also, it can be tricky getting it to work on Windows as getting ssh to work with it can be a chore.
I was interested in a good contrast between Unison and DirSync Pro, and this seems to give good insight to this. Thanks!



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