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Fedora 10 proves infrastructure matter

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on December 02, 2008 04:58 PM
"Fedora is close to upstream and tries to use the bare minimum amount of patches before it releases it to you the user."


The KDE4 issue is nothing new. I don't want to spend time knocking KDE4. I am sure that some people find it great. Nevertheless, there remains considerable demand for KDE 3.5; Presumably, enough to justify considering it a separate branch that should be available on install.

F1 did not work, nor any other key stroke or combination. I had to boot from a FC8 rescue CD and then mount the file system to edit grub.conf to apply the "fix" which is hpet=no. This facilitates a boot but the system is slower and the sys consumption is about 28%. I installed from source and still had a raft of other issues even after disabling SELinux. It would have been helpful (although not essential) to be able to bring up gnome as root.

FC8 is virtually flawless for me. I'll need to make some decisions in the future perhaps. Given that our server is running CentOS, I try to stay with a Redhat platform for consistency. it really helps to things in the same place using the same RPM/yum arrangement. I'll probably install FC10 to a virtual machine and create a custom spin.


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