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SimplyMEPIS: The best desktop Linux you haven't tried

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on November 26, 2008 10:48 PM
Dear lord, I've been reading through the comments and wow there is a lot of hating going on. I understand the Linux community hating on Ubuntu because a lot of us have moved from popular but inferior platforms and rooting for the underdog is kind of our thing, as a community I mean.

But the fact of the matter is, for its intended application (modern desktop systems) Ubuntu got to where it is because it does its job very well and every release makes things even easier for people that want to use their computer and not spend time compiling binaries. The last couple of versions basically support any (modern) hardware you can throw at them, gives the USER the option to use OSS or propietary options right away, and includes all of the functions you would want in a PC. Codec for whatever not installed? It'll go out and get it for you right then and there without the hassles Linux users are used to. The interface is a well designed implementation of Gnome (in the stock version), and it'll run apt from the terminal or 2 flavors of Synaptic with a very robust repository. I've got it running on several of my personal machines and in VMware on my work machine and have never had a stability problem. Sorry guys, but for most people Ubuntu is just the smart option.

As far as the Windows users that for some reason always post that Linux is too much of a hassle... on a site called well that's just plain moronic but I'll lay some truth on you anyway: Like some of the Linux users debating here, your notions about the OS and some distros in particular are based on outdated information and you don't really know what you're talking about. Linux is a different beast than it was even a year ago, and even those hell bent on never learning anything new can use most any modern distro without a problem.

But if you want to stick with Windows, that's cool. Do whatever makes you happy. Just, you know, don't show up to a discussion about pros and cons of particular Linux distros talking about the fact that you've been a computer user since the 60's and somehow still can't figure out how cut-paste an apt-get command from a web page into your command line and make DVDs to play on your 3 year old version of Ubuntu.


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