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Three applications for making disc labels

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on November 26, 2008 09:47 AM
cdlabelgen is a very usefull application for some activities. One is an automatic label generation for archiving purposes, while the second is achiving a common look cover labels. I mainly use it for the second purpose.

The small problem with the NLS was resolved by the ogonkify package. The main problem in using cdlabelgen now is that all my OSes use the UTF-8 while polish language texts are possible to be processed by cdlabelgen only in old ISO-8859-2. The problem is due to main project presumption, that basic format is a PostScript which doesn't support UTF-8.

cdlabelgen is written in Perl and that's why is simple to be ported to PDF instead of obsolete (altghough bliliant) PostScript. My Perl knowlege lets me to do it, but the lack of time to spend on forbids. Pitty.

KAcper Perschke (mail may be found by google)


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