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Re(1): The tanking economy and OSS

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on November 24, 2008 11:39 AM
> I've installed Ubuntu multiple times and the process is fairly easy. In fact, I have a harder time installing XP and had to go hunting for drivers (SATA, wireless, sound, graphics card). Ubuntu worked out of the box.

Since when has XP needed SATA drivers? Our ancient VL XP-Pro CD (service pack 0, no 128gb+ hard drive support) recognises SATA devices (hard drives and optical) with no issues - there isn't a motherboard in existance that cann't present SATA as a legacy device?

Maybe you mean RAID drivers, which the last time I used a *hardware* raid array, my Debian install still needed them. Software RAID doesn't count (which XP-Pro can also do 'out of the box')

Graphics drivers can't have been that hard -,, or - hardly a big deal to get hold of, I doubt any are more than 5 clicks from the homepage.

I'm not a linux or windows obsessive - I just like fact-based discussions :o) I install Debian and XP on all kinds of hardware all the time - while I vastly prefer the flexibility of the Debian installation process, the XP setup must be described as 'easier'.


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