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Re: It's good to have a choice

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on November 23, 2008 08:42 PM
Ubuntu is hardly the best choice, although it is definitely far more newbie friendly than simply Mepis. The reason I use Mandriva to introduce new Linux users to Linux, and I'm not talking about technically competent people, like those who respond to these forums, I'm talking about people who just want a computer that works, who don't want to learn anything more about computers than is necessary to do what's important to them - hint it isn't computers, is that Mandriva works out of the box with the widest selection of hardware, and is far more user (newbie) friendly than any other distribution.

Choice like this is great. But remember you are making an informed choice, simply because you can. There are many, most people in fact, who are not in a psoition to make an informed choice, and if you choose for them and give them a Linux distribution that isn't sufficiently newbie friendly, and you aren't prepared to give them the necessary support, you will turn them and their friends (on the strength of their experience) off Linux.


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