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Re(1): SimplyMEPIS: The best desktop Linux you haven't tried

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on November 23, 2008 10:13 AM
I totally agree that you do not have to upgrade every 6 months, but on the issue of the ratings being inflated by repeated exposure....can't argue that. Take a leaf from the MS book, IE is probably the worlds worst browser and the means by which it arrived at its current position were nothing short of outrageous, but the fact it is at the top of the list doesn't mean everybody uses it.

As for the posters that said M7 used older packages, once again, right you are, but you are also wrong when it comes to using later version packages. The Mepis Community has put together a community repository that made it possible for me to use the latest version on an otherwise unmodified base system. I guess this is one of those situations where a little knowlege can be more damaging or dangerous than accurate and up to date facts. The Mepis community is as we speak gearing up to provide that same service for Mepis8, so those that like having the latest apps will be well catered for and we have steps in place to hopefully keep progressing even if Warren gets hit by a bus.

Answering the critics that again work on errant facts, Warren has released his source code, so before opening your mouth and mindlessly blabbing a bunch of lies and rubbish based on emotions that run wild, get your facts straight then enjoy your slice of humble pie. Everybody makes mistakes and if your past mistakes were highlighted this very moment ..... you get the picture.


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