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The tanking economy and OSS

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on November 23, 2008 04:59 AM
I was hoping to install linux because the windows operating system is not working very well on two of my computers. I don't want to put all the blame on windows but the high cost of getting a new operating system again is frustrating. I have operated windows computers for 20 years+/-. I sure wish linux was easier to install. I am sitting here with several reformatted hard drives and a stack of linux operating systems: puppy linux, knoppix, pclinuxos, ubuntu, slackware, freespire, and ark linux. I just cannot believe something that should be so easy like installing a linux operating system has to be so difficult. I had hoped to learn linux as I know there are others like myself who hate to have replace their computer. With windows it seems as if you might as well upgrade your computer since it costs so much for the os and to upgrade your hardware. Quite often, it is almost as cheap to buy a new computer. While I know I am not a College educated man I have worked with computers and technical equipment since 1979. Programmers please, please there are many of us who would love to use linux and linux would then become popular. Maybe we could all benefit then. I am not going to buy linspire if I can't even install freespire. My feeling is....doubt I would be able to install it either?


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