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Re(1): WW has a wierd interpretation of the GPL

Posted by: pogson on November 23, 2008 01:48 AM
@ MepisDevotee

People who love FLOSS, GNU/Linux and the GPL, obvously. Really, if WW does not like the GPL, why does he use software licensed under it? Why does he abuse our sensibilities about it? Why does he spread FUD? Why are people devoted to him and his distro? I can appreciate he has done a fine job improving on one branch of Debian, and he is entitled to sell or give away his own work, but why does he put down others? The FSF brought together diverse people to support FLOSS around the world and yet WW is contemptuous. His contributions are not important enough to justify the abuse he dishes out. I question his motives. I question the motives of the trolls who worship him. We can do without that.


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