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Re(1): SimplyMEPIS: The best desktop Linux you haven't tried

Posted by: Dummy00001 on November 22, 2008 09:02 PM
> The emphasis of MEPIS has for a long time been on mature code

Thanks for mentioning that. I didn't wanted to write a dedicated response filled with MEPIS bashing, but you gave me an opportunity to chime in.

MEPIS's hardware support terribly sucks. I have tried it this summer on my 2.5yo desktop and it was failing at pretty much everything I have: dual head video card, USB audio, SATA DVD burner.

The only place where you can make a "mature" Linux distro is servers. The time when Linux (or any other OS for what matters) on desktop would become stable would mean that "desktop" isn't used anymore. Desktop computing now is one of the fastest moving targets. Windows had 10 years head start - but Linux steadily catching up. If you come out with distro which has 1yo of X Window Server (and MEPIS 7 has 3yo X) then forget it, it is pointless even to try.

"Everybody uses Ubuntu" happens because people who had problems with Windows on their hardware try Ubuntu and it works. And the end-users see that system does 99% of what they need and they stick with it. The problem can happen on any platform. The question is how fast they get fixed. And Ubuntu had proven itself with quite fast fixing of major issues.

Idea of MEPIS is quite silly or (to spin it in positive light) far ahead of the time. And the time will come only when H/W vendors would start treat Linux support seriously, not a minute earlier. Otherwise, hot head, stick with Ubuntu - it just works.

P.S. Though personally I am a Sidux user.


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