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Re: SimplyMEPIS: The best desktop Linux you haven't tried

Posted by: Zerias on November 22, 2008 01:46 AM
the only two people that have been claiming that Mepis's popularity has been fading consist of Matt Hartley, a known troll whom most web sites won't touch with a ten foot pole, and Ladislav over at Distrowatch. Slight problem. Search results and forum trends show that Mepis has not been fading. So lets get that little slice of F.U.D. out of the way first.

Okay, so what about the line that states that I like Mepis, too, but I find it sad that the guy who develops Mepis couldn't make KDE4 work. I'm not really sure where to start on this one. For starters, it assumes that KDE 4.0 was the completion of the KDE desktop. It wasn't. KDE 4.0 was the completion of the support libraries and API's that underline the KDE desktop. Even the KDE devs themselves are saying that KDE 4.2 will establish most of the functionality. KDE 4.1 was a good step, but, it's not there yet. : Then there's the additional problem that Mepis is built as a livecd... to be as usable as possible... from the livecd. This means that the selection of programs has to be carefully selected. Space can't be wasted on having duplicate libraries, duplicate programs, duplicate everything. The very real point is, not all KDE applications work in KDE 4.x yet. That means that in order to build a 4.1 desktop, vendors have to spend time either jumping through hoops, or just leaving programs out. Fedora is a good example of this. Has anyone ever actually tried their KDE LiveCD? From the development point of Mepis, going with KDE 4.1 right now would require multiple program application sacrifices in order to fill out the same feature set of programs.

Okay, so lets say it's possible for a KDE 4.1 desktop to have the exact same feature functionality of a KDE 3.5.9 desktop, in the same amount of space, on a LiveCD. It's not, but lets ignore that little limitation for a minute. How much time is going to be available to implement a complete desktop and application change and still account for all of the changed up programs that don't interface well with each other? Can one person do it, pretty much on their own?

The statement then that it's sad that the guy who develops Mepis couldn't make KDE4 work. then is outright F.U.D. against the release. It's the remark of somebody who doesn't understand how a distribution is built, or the history of Mepis itself. Fact is, Mepis has released compilations with the KDE4 desktop. Short version? KDE 4.x just isn't ready. It might very well be the future of the Linux Desktop, and as the guy who wrote that the Gnome developers have no business making a desktop : : and then jumped to Trolltech's defense when F.U.D. Throwers started claiming that Nokia could close QT up : : it's fairly clear that I have a biased opinion towards the KDE desktop. But just because it's the future, doesn't mean that the current version is ready for a distribution that prides itself on being as simple as possible.


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