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SimplyMEPIS: The best desktop Linux you haven't tried

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on November 22, 2008 01:21 AM
It's great to see that after so many years of advocating Mepis, Vaughan-Nichols still keeps praising it -- even if Mepis' popularity has been fading fast lately. One thing is worth noticing, though. Mepis 8.0 is still just a BETA release, and people shouldn't install it unless they want to help fixing bugs.

I like Mepis, too, but I find it sad that the guy who develops Mepis couldn't make KDE4 work. KDE4 is definitely the most advanced and most beautiful desktop ever made for Linux. KDE4 is clearly the future of the Linux desktop, and it's the only real alternative that Linux can offer against Windows and Mac. I love KDE4 and I wouldn't use a distro that ships without it.

However, if Mepis 8.0 really will be compatible with Debian Lenny when it's finally released, then Mepis users might be able to install KDE4 from Debian's "experimental" repository. Better yet, you can install Debian proper and set the sources.list point to Debian's "testing" repository. This way you'll get KDE4 as soon as they've released Lenny (which might still take a couple more months ;-)).


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