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Star Office has always "competed" with

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on November 20, 2008 05:41 AM
Nothing new there. Maybe the "gap is closing" between the two, but so is the price. As the first commenter noted, the price I see on the Sun website is US$34.95. - now, that is for the download version, the retail box edition that say to "Order a boxed copy of StarOffice Software at Avanquest." doesn't show up on the linked website, at least not for me after 5 minutes of searching and browsing. So I don't know how much that is. But still, the point is, the software is easily purchased for $35.

For $35, getting a manual, clip art, pre-installed templates, and 60 days of support, it's not that bad. And for the companies leaning toward the multi-seat liscensing, there might be more goodies (like some sort of networked install, IDK). It's really hard for me to see any reason to be upset with Sun, other than maybe dropping the included fonts. If bundling some clip art, templates, and other items puts some money in their pockets, good for them. I mean, the money to fund all the support they give to the project has to come from somewhere. How long do you think would last without Sun's backing?

Honestly, you can't please some people! They lower the price and make the free version much better than it has ever been, offer the professional add-ons to the free version for free - and you whine because the cheaper-than-ever professional version isn't much better than the free one. Maybe you'd value StarOffice more if they closed shop on the free one. Sure, the project could be forked or taken up by "the community" - but who is going to pay for the hosting? Who is going to provide the full-time professional coders that Sun has on staff? This whole article is a huge slap in the face to one of the most important Open Source / Free Software Supporting companies there are. Next you'll be bitching that Novell is "Wrestling Itself" between SuSE Linux Enterprise and OpenSuSE.... whateva u say, brah.


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