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Re: Like they said, go with Citadel or Kolab if you want a free and clean system

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on November 17, 2008 04:09 PM
This forum has been invaluable to me. After trying out Zimbra (before seeing this forum) I ran into every one of the problems described with the Open Source Edition: difficult to backup, MX record strict reliance, difficult RAID-5 implementation, and other crippled functions.

The only thing I liked was the AJAX interface.

I also agree with the business prospects of Zimbra since being acquired by Yahoo. I don't trust Google and I don't trust Yahoo to manage my sensitive data. I certainly don't trust Microsoft.

Pseudo-open source is a ploy -- a bait-and-switch scheme of the worst kind.

I am back to Kolab, since our organization has standardized on KDE (using Kubuntu).

I liked eGroupware, except for their clients, which are klunky and barely usable. Perhaps eGroupware is usable with client connectors?

Zimbra, despite is attractiveness initially, is out of the picture for me. It's been a wasted month playing with it.


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