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Does cb2bib remove drudgery from bibliography creation?

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on November 13, 2008 09:53 AM
+1 jabref -- it's really good, performs internet searches, links the database with the PDFs (people who use endnote seem amazed at that feature for some reason).

I wouldn't touch endnote with a ten foot pole. The difference between the look and feel for a word document and a latex document is quite astounding -- but most people have their feet firmly in one camp or the other. Though i find few people who have used latex that go back to using any office suite for serious writing. Rule of thumb > 5 pages of text -- latex. Everything else, office suite.

Endnote continually stuffs up references, doesn't export to bibtex properly (it *almost* does, and a quick use of sed fixes it, but you have to work it out). Doesn't link documents, isn't stable, and is horrible binary only. I have met users whose installs were continually popping up messages every five seconds when reading a document that used bibtex -- these people put up with it.

Bug fixes at jabref's site are fast and you can actually communicate with the development team -- fat chance of doing that without going through several layers of bureaucracy.


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