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Does cb2bib remove drudgery from bibliography creation?

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on November 12, 2008 11:14 PM
I am a scientist in the field of theoretical physics, and yes, for me the
cb2Bib removes the drudgery from bibliography creation. Not only that, after
several years of using it it has become, together with my browser, my only
bibliographic software. Why? For several reasons: 1) it extracts references
from anywhere and any format (as a scientist in a minority field I appreciate
this) 2) it links pdfs to the citation, thus I have them handy in the
reading/writing cycle 3) it easily performs internet queries, not only to
established databases but to any website, and 4) it searches the full text
article files. That's what I need and all what I need.

I found several comments in your article rather surprising. To my
understanding, they are reflecting a poor knowledge of the program you try to

- "Possibly I did not use it long enough for major improvements to happen."
Not important for how long you use it; what's important is how skilled you are
discerning patterns and writing regular expressions for them.

- I do not care on how automatically I extract a reference. Whenever I see a
relevant reference, I want to keep it with a reasonable minimal effort, and
(most important for any scientist) I want to verify it is completely correct.

- "As things are, the clipboard viewing field can only display three lines at
a time" did you resize/full-seized it?

-"The toolbar is carelessly organized" It is handy. A first block of buttons
(left) deals with searches and configuration. The right block of buttons are
properly related to reference extraction, ordered as they are needed for on a
normal extraction.

- "Drag and drop PDF files onto the application window, but in practice this
feature only worked in KDE" On windows it works fine also. Did you report not
working in Genome as bug? In my experience, the author has always been very

- "If the automatic entry is inadequate -- and, if my experience is any
indication, in your first attempts it probably will be -- then you can create
the database entry manually" You will only have automatic PDF extraction if 1)
PDF has BibTeX metadata, or 2) you write down your own regular expressions for
your favorite journals.


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