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Tough competition Re: Does cb2bib remove drudgery from bibliography creation?

Posted by: Nordic on November 11, 2008 05:43 PM
Well sure, academics hate to do all the copy & paste work generated by bibliographies, and hate it even more when requirements from editors oblige you to spend hours changing the order of fields within a citation. However there is one product which basically eliminate all that pain: Endnote. As a bibliography management system it is a pretty perfect solution: change format of citations at will, create your own format, link directly to databases to import automatically references, including the abstract! BibteX and all its declensions cannot really compete, neither the clunky web-based bibliographic tools. Actually, as an academic myself, one of the last reason why I am still using Windows+Word is the perfect integration with Endnote. Don't get me wrong: I love Linux and use it as often as I can, I even enjoy LateX, I use OpenOffice and Gedit all the time, but ... for bibliography and articles I am still in chains because of Endnote. That would actually be an interesting challenge for open source communities. Create an interface for Endnote to OpenOffice and I can drop Word. Create an open source version of Endnote (for Linux) and I can convince everyone around me in academia to drop Windows. Another set of tools that could be quite useful are qualitative analysis programs such as NVivo and AtlasTi, available only under Windows.


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