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Re(1): Collabora funds development of open source video editor PiTiVi

Posted by: Nathan Willis on November 10, 2008 02:47 PM
Well it sounded to me like you did. I have actually used Kdenlive, when I've edited video pieces for Lc, but found it in the tricky "works smoothly for some tasks, impossible for other tasks" state. Kino, in contrast, I would describe more as "works imperfectly but equally imperfectly at each task." Neither state is great or terrible, but when you bump into a editing feature that you need but isn't available at all, "works imperfectly" is the only choice you have.

And lines: yeah, that's where they concocted the term "pro-sumer" -- because there is no deterministic way to cleanly define what a pro needs; it just varies too much depending on the project. Take an example from iMovie: in iMovie it's very easy and slick to import clips and rearrange them, but once you get too many clips into the picture, it becomes a pain to manage them thanks to iMovie's very limited "thumbnail" clip browser. The clip browser is obviously designed for projects that only incorporate a handful of clips. The editing features don't keep a pro from making a professional-quality feature with it, but the clip browser does.



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