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a bit disapointed

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on November 04, 2008 11:06 PM
I have again been a bit disapointed with the release, I swore I would wait a few months before upgrading, but then I could not help it, and I have been regreting it since.

First off I get random crashes, can live with it but if I wanted to have to reset my computer at random times during the day I would of use windows.
Secondly my sound just stopped working, no indication as to why and I can not seem to find a permanent fix, in the mean time I have to kill all pulse audio and then alsa force reload to get my sound working (even time I have to reboot). Normally that would not bother me except that the sound clicks on startup which if I happen to have left my speakers on scares the sh!t out of my cat.
Thirdly I have a problem with the new network manager. I use both wireless and wired connections at work, wired when I am at my desk and wireless when I am moving around the office. The new network manager can't seem to swap between the two, so both connect at the same time. Which would not be a problem except with my laptop, the wireless hardware switch does not switch the wireless on/off in 8.10 ( it did in 8.04).

Everything else works just fine.


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