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Automatic adjustment of control points?

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on November 03, 2008 07:39 PM
Press "f" for fine adjustment on any point to attempt to find the best match in the selected pair of images. Or just click on something distinctive to create a new point with automatic estimate, add and fine tune selected (bottom right of control point window).

My usual workflow (which predates the new assistant):
Use panomatic to create many points for a set of images.
Start Hugin with the generated PTO file and fine tune all points. Throw away all points with less than 0.80 scores using the "Show control points" window.
Do a simple optimiser pass using y,p,r,v to get everything reasonably arranged. Check that the panorama is correctly orientated using the panorama window and ensure that the picture size is correct using the Stitcher tab.
Re-do the optimiser pass and delete all control points with pixel differences of more than 8 pixels.
Optimise points again (can use more options now, like barrel distortion) and now do the exposure optimisation to remove exposure/vignetting differences.
Stitch it.

The whole process can take 20 pictures and very quickly produce a complete panorama from an eclectic mix of shots.


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