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Re: This isn't good enough?

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on November 01, 2008 09:22 PM
no, its not. Lets take a sample size of 32 hosts and run a quick command on each:

$ time for f in `cat hosts`; do ssh $f 'ls / > /dev/null'; done
real 2m45.195s

That's roughly 5.15 seconds per host. If this were a 5000 node network we're looking at about 7.1 hours to complete this command. Lets do the same test with pssh and a max parallel of 10:

$ time pssh -p 10 -h hosts "ls > /dev/null"
real 0m17.220s

That's some considerable savings. lets try each one in parallel and set the max to 32:
$ time pssh -p 32 -h hosts "ls > /dev/null"
real 0m7.436s

If one run took about 5 seconds, doing them all at the same time also took about 5 seconds, just with a bit of overhead. I don't have a 5000 node network (anymore) but you can see there are considerable savings by doing some things in parallel. You probably wouldn't ever run 5000 commands in parallel but really thats a limit of your hardware and network. if you had a beefy enough host machine you probably could run 50, 100 or even 200 in parallel if the machine could handle it.


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