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VMware Server 2 shows lots of problems, too

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on October 31, 2008 02:26 PM
The web-base interface is a complete pos tool that needs a couple more iterations before being usable:
- If you have any client-side ssl certs installed in Firefox, the interface keeps asking which certificate has to be used with it. About once per http object in the page, ie many times before even getting to the start page.
- Error messages like "server timed out" accumulate in javascript popups like if it was 1988. Get away from the pc leaving the console open for a while, come back, and you will have a hundred pop ups open.
- The Firefox plugin to run consoles on active vm images sometimes refuses to start, or crashes when launching.
- The tabbed interface to switch between all the consoles on active vms was much better than the current design where every console gets a new window on its own.
- There are extremely frequent timeouts in the connection between the web interface and actual vmware server service.Luckily the latter is still rock solid and the vm keep running without a hitch


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